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Robins Spouses' Club Grants Program


Each year, the Robins Spouses' Club Philanthropic Association provides grants to support local and national organizations and charities through the Welfare Grants Program.  Welfare grants are given to organizations both on and off base that serve military members and their families.  We appreciate the outpouring support for our service members and their families from our community and other service organizations.  We look forward to the opportunity to give back to these groups and aid them in achieving their goals of helping military families.

The RSC accepts requests that are for charitable, scientific, or educational purposes.  The goal is to reach as many people as possible with grant donations.  The Blue Boutique, Thrift Shop, and Gnoming Project help fund both our scholarships and grants programs.

All checks written by the Robins Spouses' Club, including but not limited to Scholarship, Grants, and Robins Thrift Shop Consignment checks, will be canceled 30 days from the date the check is written.  Replacement will not be given after the 30 day period.

For any questions or to email a completed grant request, please contact our Grants Committee Chairperson:

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