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Welcome the RSC Philanthropic Page
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The RSC is the sole owner and operator of the Thrift Shop.   The purpose of the RSC Thrift Shop is to operate exclusively as a philanthropic organization for the benefit of military, DoD communities, and for the support of the RSC Philanthropic Fund.  The Thrift Shop is governed by the RSC Constitution and Bylaws.


The Blue Boutique is a wholly owned and operated joint venture of the Robins Spouses Club.  The purpose of The Blue Boutique is to offer free business attire for men and women and to allow the rental of formal dresses to those who hold a valid military I.D.  The Blue Boutique is governed by the RSC Constitution and Bylaws.  It is a continuous service offered under the Thrift Shop umbrella and supports the RSC Philanthropic Fund.

Proceeds from the Robins Spouses' Club Thrift Shop and Blue Boutique help fund the RSC Scholarships and Grants programs.

Each year the RSC Grants program awards grants to on base and off base non profit organizations. 

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