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RSC Members To The Rescue!

In the wake of COVID19, Robins Spouses' Club members rise high to the occasion giving birth to two amazing groups of mask makers with the same goal: to reach and help whoever needs masks, starting with the community's essential workers. Sarah Mainwaring and Meagan Brown sit behind their sewing machines for countless hours during the week while they care for their families and homeschool their children at their kitchen tables. Our very own Brandy Seifert and her mother, Glenda Jackson has been coined by the 78th Mission Support Group and the 78th Security Forces Squadron to show their appreciation for all the masks that they made for the two squadrons in a matter for weeks. Suzanne Hunt, Catrina Corrao and Jillian Johnson have also been an amazing part of the efforts to create masks for our military and their families. The overwhelming response of the community to help each other during this time of great uncertainty goes beyond words. And as we look towards the blur in the horizon, we are thankful for who we have with us: these talented women and what they can and will do to help others.

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