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RSC Virtual Gnomings

Gnomings inside Robins Air Force Base neighborhoods have been put to a screeching halt as news of COVID19 have spread inside Warner Robins. As we all know, RSC Gnomings are a way for military friends and families to surprise each other any time during the year; for birthdays or just for fun in the office. Proceeds from Gnomings go toward RSC Grants and Scholarship programs. The Gnoming Squad in charge of making these surprise visits were dismayed by the news, but understood the concern for the health and safety of everyone in RAFB. The greatest thing about being in an active group of people with a similar heart for service is that creative ideas are endless. The RSC Co-Presidents, Ashley Eller and Briana Shelly along with RSC Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Chair, Nicole Magalad-Romero, came up with an idea for Virtual Gnomings through Facebook. As soon as the idea presented itself, a birthday Gnoming video was created for the first time and a second Virtual Gnoming request followed a month later. The RSC will continue to spread good cheer however and wherever possible; even in the most uncertain times.

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